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'Better to be without logic than without feelings'

It may not be wrong to say that Gaurav breathes life into photographs. He infuses feeling and emotion in a way that his still images speak and whisper to the observer all its deep held secrets. His portraits tell what thoughts hide behind the eyes; his landscapes invite viewers to lose themselves in their world; and his still-lifes come alive with mood and depth.

His noted craftsmanship in creating artistic and elegant compositions perhaps has its roots in his 6 years of training at the Art College of Delhi where he earned his masters in graphic design. He followed it up with a career in advertising which gave him the opportunity to fine-tune his skills, working with some of the best advertising talents in the country.

Eventually, he gave up his role as an Art Director in a leading agency in India to pursue his love for photography. And he was quick to make an impact. His campaigns and images picked up numerous prestigious national and international awards – the One Show, New York Festivals, Communications Arts Guild, Pioneer, A&M, and Teachers.

Today, after 20 years of dedication to the art of photography, he often compares his journey to that of a traveler on a road without end. He is not fatigued, but intrigued with the mystery that lies ahead. The unknown feeds his restlessness and his hunger for creativity and expression that is rare and fresh as the mountain air.

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